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Policies & FAQ

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How many children can fit inside a moonbounce?

Between 6-10 kids at a time. The number varies upon the size of the moon bounce.

What are the appropriate ages for entering a moonbounce?

The appropriate ages for bouncing are 4-12 years old. Some of the larger slides may not be appropriate for children under the age of 4 years old.

How do I reserve a moonbounce?

The fastest way is by clicking on ORDER ONLINE, or calling us at 301-825-6571 during normal working hours. You can also email us.

What is your cancellation policy?

If your event is cancelled, simply contact us 7 days before your scheduled event and we will promptly cancel your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation. We will credit you the deposit amount for any future item you would like to rent during a 1-year period following your cancellation date but we cannot give you a refund for any deposit if you cancel later than 7 days from the date of your event. Weather related cancellations have to be made 24 hrs before your event, to receive your refund back.

What if it's windy or rainy on the day of my event?

If the local forecast is calling for high winds or rain with thunderstorms/lighting on the morning of your event, we will contact you via phone to reschedule your reservation for another day or to provide a refund of your deposit. Because safety is one of our priorities FunKidsJump reserves the right to cancel a rental if we consider rain and high winds a safety hazard for your children. We will provide a full refund of your deposit if this should be the case.

If scattered showers/ light rain are in the forecast, sometimes we will still deliver and set up our moon bounces. However if you feel that rain or wind is a concern, please contact us 24 hrs PRIOR to us arriving at your location, you will not be charged and your deposit will be refunded. Once the bounce is set up no refunds will be given.

What do I do in the event that we receive unexpected rain or high winds during our rental?

It is important to remember that the bounce blower is powered by electricity and that electricity and water don't mix well. If rain is encountered, ask everyone to quickly and calmly exit the bounce. Once it is emptied, unplug the blower and allow the unit to deflate. DO NOT USE THE UNIT IN HEAVY RAIN OR HIGH WINDS! Once the weather has passed, plug the blower back in, allow the unit to inflate and have an adult dry the interior with a towel. This is very important, as the vinyl is very slippery when wet. Once dry, the bounce can be utilized again.

Are the moonbounces clean?

Yes. All of our moon bounces are thoroughly cleaned between each use and prior to use. We are committed to making sure that your children have a clean, healthy, and safe environment in which to play. In addition to cleaning, we also safety check and troubleshoot all equipment before it goes out to another customer. This way, you’re always guaranteed a unit that is safe, clean, and in good working order.

Do you deliver to my area?

We are located in the heart of Montgomery County. We service 25 miles from the zip code 20855.

Do you deliver and set-up at parks/public recreation areas?

Yes, but will require an additional insurance fee, and the customer must ensure that moon bounces are allowed, and that the place has a power source within 50 feet of the moon bounce. In the case that there is no power source we do rent generators for $85. We fill it with 5 gallons of gas. It is your responsibility to check the level when delivered and add more gas if needed. Typically a generator will last up to 5 hrs.

How much space do I need for a moon bounce?

For 13x13 units you need a 15' x 15' area; for 15x15 units need at least a 17' x 17' area is required; for a 18x18 units require a 20' x 20' area. All areas need to be semi-level, clear of any rocks, sticks, roots, etc that could puncture the bounce. Also, if you have an in-ground sprinkler system, make sure it is turned off and the sprinkler heads are not engaged. If there are any overhead branches, please cut them before we arrive to install your moon bounce. There will be an extra charge if we have to clean area of all items mentioned above. Please help us to make the entire process smooth and flawless.

What type of surface can the Moon Bounces be placed on?

The safest surface is a level grassy area. However, we can set up on concrete and asphalt. Please specify when ordering which surface we will be setting up on and we will make sure we utilize the proper ground covers and anchors for your event. Please let us know if we can stick 18'' anchors into the grassy area.

What prep should I do before the inflatable rental arrives?

Dogs (animals) must be tied/caged before and during event, Turn off automatic sprinklers, Do not cut the grass the morning off the event since it will get the moon bounce dirty. Pick up all objects that may potentially puncture the moon bounce.

Does the moon bounce need electricity?

Yes. We will bring a 50' cord, so we will need to use an outlet near the setup area. Any additional 50' will need to be order ed through the Other Rental category. The blower runs continuously while the children are jumping inside. If you would like to set up our moon bounce at a park of a place without an electrical outlet, please order a generator from the category, Other Rentals.

What time do you deliver and pickup moonbounces?

We deliver at least half an hour before your event and pick it up after your event is over. If you need exact times please comment in the customer comment section.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open for reservations M-F from 9am - 5pm. Saturday the office is open from 8am to 12pm. We are CLOSED on Sundays. When you call, please leave your number and we will contact you (if possible), we try to check our messages frequently. **For ordering, please ORDER ONLINE.**

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

We suggest 3 to 5 weeks in advance before your scheduled event. However, we generally have inventory available for last minute bookings, limited to what we have available. All units are booked on a first come, first serve basis, regardless of payment status.

Do you deliver on holidays?

Yes, we deliver on all holidays and week days, except Sundays.

Is it cheaper if we pickup the moon bounces ourselves?

No. In fact, we do not offer this option. All of our drivers are trained as professional installers and are certified by FUNKIDSJUMP to be the exclusive installers of our equipment. When the safety of your children is of a concern, it is always best to leave it up to the professional to do the work. In addition to this, the liability insurance that we carry does not permit unauthorized set up or moving of our equipment.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured with a liability insurance policy covering injury due to FunKidsJump gross negligence. This statement in no way implies legal responsibility. Please read your rental agreement. if requesting an additional insured, there is a $100 cost.

What are my responsibilities as the renter of the bounce?

Our contract requires that an adult be home when the bounce is setup. We will review the features of the bounce with the individual, as well as our safety regulations. Additionally, we will review our emergency procedures with the individual at the time of setup. An adult MUST accompany the bounce at all times while the children are jumping. The individual is responsible for the safety of the children, as well as, the care of the equipment by making sure that ALL safety rules and regulations are followed.

Can you provide an attendant with our rental?

Absolutely! We will happily provide an attendant for your rental. This must be requested at least 10 days prior to your reservation day and there is an attendant charge of $25/hour, 3 hours minimum. This can be found under Other Rentals.

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit (Visa, Master Card, And Discover), and in occasions accept checks. A $30 return fee will be applied if checks are returned.

How much ice is needed for the Snow Cone machine?

Roughly - a 1/2 pound of ice is required per 10 serving. Example: For 50 servings you will need roughly 5 pounds of ice.

Can I Send Myself a Quote?

The prices depend on which moon bounce you are looking for? Also when you ORDER ONLINE you can also send yourself a quote, no commitments are required.

Do you just rent tables and chairs?

We do not. We are primarily a moon bounce rental company and we offer some tables and chairs to our customer per availability.

Is there an extra charge if the moon bounce is returned dirty?

Yes. A $50 cleaning fee will be deducted from your credit card.

How late do you pick up your moon bounce?

The latest we pick up the moon bounce is 9pm. Of course we might be a little late if there are more than one to be picked up at 9pm.

Can we keep the moon bounce overnight?

There is a $50 overnight charge unless specified in the contract.

Applicable taxes will be added to all prices at checkout.
All day rentals are 6 hours.

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